Staying Driven is a live, interactive, online based experience. Fitness with YOU in mind!


Our vision is to create an affordable avenue that allows individuals to enjoy fitness from the comfort of their own homes. Our program is unique in the way we choose to cater to the specific needs of the adaptive and aging population. Our program merges top notch coaching with a supportive community to help everyday people achieve a greater fitness potential. This educational, interactive experience is available to the public regardless of age, location, abilities, or skill level.


Our mission is to educate, empower, and motivate athletes through fitness; giving everyday people the opportunity to celebrate success.


2020 has proven to be the year of resilience. A time where people are learning they can do and handle more than they ever thought possible.


This is our community. We look forward to having you.



Steph Hammerman

Co-Owner of Staying Driven LLC


Steph has been involved in fitness for 10 years. She has helped pave the way for adaptive athletes to be able to compete in functional fitness competitions and has also helped shape the world’s perspective of what it means to be a fitness coach living with Cerebral Palsy. Steph is sponsored by Nike and uses that opportunity and platform to make a difference for those in the adaptive community.


As the owner of Hammer Driven Fitness (2018-2020), a 5000 sqft. fitness facility in NC, Steph learned the importance of fostering a community based around everyday people and their successes. She has always understood that not everyone feels comfortable in a competitive environment and that most people are looking to pay attention to their health so they can live longer and experience all the beautiful things life has to offer.


As a cancer survivor as well, Steph understands the importance of living in the moment and making the most of current situations.  Choosing to stay the course and stay driven was the only logical option. When one door closes a situation has the potential to turn into an opportunity and that’s how Staying Driven was able to breath life.


Steph saw a need for a greater community regardless of location so, Staying Driven answered that call. 



CFL1 & 2-Trainer

Aerobic Capacity

Adaptive Training Academy


Kelli Myers

Staying Driven Head Coach


Kelli's passion for sports and athletics started when she was 5 years old and the only girl on her soccer team. Her dad is a Marine so they were stationed out in California. Ultimately, it led her family to New Bern, NC where she became a standout soccer player in the state. She grew up playing club ball all over the United States and eventually made the North Carolina State ODP team before moving to Virginia for her last years of high school. Kelli was starting center back for her high school varsity team as freshman and went on to play at Radford University. Kelli also was a very competitive swimmer, track and field sprinter, and equestrian rider.  She loves to compete and it drove her passion all through her childhood. In 2008 Kelli tore her ACL, PCL, MCL, and meniscus  playing indoor soccer for her local adult club league and had had to adapt ever since, which allows her to extend modifications in training for athletes recovering from knee injuries or living with any adaptation. 

She took time to heal, start her career and then meet the love of her life, her husband Eric. They started a family in Virginia having a little boy and then they moved down to NC 6 years ago where she had her second child, a little Girl. Kelli now owns her own floral design business as well as coaches many children’s sports programs, such as kids CrossFit, olympic weightlifting , small group training for a baseball program, swim lessons, and a power and speed soccer specialist for Paladin LLC in her local area. Her passion for teaching our youth is unmatched. She prides herself in giving back and being such a large part of her community. Family and honor is everything. Work hard play hard is her motto and her hand is always out to help in any way. She loves the beach and any outdoor activity with her friends and family. 




Adaptive athlete certification candidate

Speed and Explosiveness Specialist


CPR/First Aid 

Jordan "Jordy" Ingalsbe

Staying Driven Coaching Intern

Growing up in Central Florida, Jordan’s focus on staying active started early. She started martial arts when she was 6 years old and went on to earn a third degree black belt and become a sensei (teacher) of other students. It was during her time as a karate instructor that she developed a passion for teaching and understanding human movement. This inspired her to pursue a career in health and fitness and in 2015 she moved to Fort Myers graduating 2 years later with her Bachelors in Exercise Science from Florida Gulf Coast University. After graduation, she went on to earn her CF-L1 and CSCS and is currently working on her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Since entering the world of health and fitness, she’s had experience coaching athletes from all different backgrounds and of all levels and abilities including: veterans, professional athletes, novice athletes, and adaptive athletes. 


Being an adaptive athlete herself, Jordan is committed to helping others become the best they can be. Her goal is to help bridge the gap between an athlete’s maximal functional capacity and their full potential. In her free time, you can find Coach Jordy beekeeping, fishing, taking naps, and eating snacks--especially sour patch kids. 







Adaptive training

CPR/First Aid



Still have questions? Shoot us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! We can't wait to have YOU as part of our community!  

What People Are Saying...

I’ve been around fitness/ athletic stuff since I was 9 years old... in that time, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many variations/ adaptations that will allow people a chance to do the same movements as you’ve all taught us in these last few months. Anything is possible!!
- Ryan B
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