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Staying Driven. Choosing YOU!

We are LIVE! We couldn't be more excited to have you.

Whether you are just browsing our site for a few minutes or you are ready to sign up and join us for our next class; we are so glad that you stopped by!


Life has a funny way of turning thoughts into reality.

I had always dreamed of affecting people on a global scale, but I was never sure how it was going to be done. My heart was rooted in Hammer Driven Fitness, a 5000 sqft fitness facility in Knightdale NC. The goal was to provide every people with the opportunity to enjoy a welcoming fitness community. During the two years of owning HDF I learned that our foundation was unique. I learned that people just wanted a place they where they felt comfortable, could have fun and get strong in the process. My dream was being realized, but then the world came to screeching halt and in return, so did the business. COVID-19 was here to stay and there was nothing anyone could do about it; or was there?

In March, I took a good hard look at my dream, the foundation we had built with Hammer Driven and the reality of the world in front of me. Closing our doors was part of the hard truth, but quitting was never an option. If I had the ability to make magic happen at a physical white-board how hard could it be to recreate that magic virtually?

We couldn't be Hammer Driven, but nothing could stop us from Staying Driven... (see what i did there?)

With the help of an amazing team, a lot of hard work and the trust of random strangers we now bring YOU a live, interactive, on-line fitness experience catered to YOUR needs. We welcome all athletes regardless of location, age, ability, experience or skill level. Our community is certainly unique and being witness to daily progress and transformation is powerful.

I had no idea if this would work or not, but sometimes a leap of faith is all you need to take to realize you have the ability to fly, and fly further than you ever dreamed. We pride ourselves in taking a unique approach to adaptive fitness and providing you with coaches who can tailor a workout to specific needs.

We have created this community with YOU in mind.

The only thing left to do is give yourself the chance to fly!

See ya at the virtual whiteboard!

Coach Steph

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